A collection of poetry about the Old Rectory building in Loughborough based on facts, imaginings and stories of times gone by. Featuring poems by Karen Ette, Kerry Featherstone, Natalie Moores, Alison Mott, Amanda Pick, Fay Powell and Lauren Westwood. Published with the support of Loughborough Archaeological & Historical Society and Loughborough University Department of English & Drama. Proceeds from the sale of this book support the work of the LAHS in running the Old Rectory Museum.

Workshop Publications

Each month has a beautiful photograph and seasonal poem creating an everlasting diary for remembering special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, pets' inoculations, etc. plus a space for monthly notes. A superb gift.
This perpetual diary was created from a workshop where participants wrote poetry and submitted their photographs to create first, a calendar and then the diary. Workshops for this kind of publication can be booked.

These products were created in support of local charities